The Lout Typesetting System

Lout is a typesetting language similar in style to LaTeX. I use it for all my books and most of my other writings.

Lout produces high quality PostScript which can be converted to PDF using Ghostscript or some other “distiller” program. Lout comes as a complete package, including powerful support for tables, equations, graphs, and diagrams. It is suitable for any large document where typesetting quality is an overriding concern. Lout is easy to get started with, although some of its advanced facilities can be challenging to understand. Lout has been used to produce several books.

Lout was created by, and is maintained by, Jeffrey Kingston. It is licensed under the GPL (GPL v. 3 from 3.36).

Lout's home page is See also

Lout also has a low-traffic/high quality mailing list at